Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hurry Up and Wait!!

If there is such a thing as reincarnation I know I want to come back as a Great Pyrenees... I admire and love so much my three who share this farm with me that it is almost impossible to put into words what they do for this farm, those four legged furry family members who lives depend on their tireless guarding and defending from those animals who wish to hurt or kill them and the unconditional love they give me 24/7.

While taking pictures today during the routine of chores I wondered where in the world Chief had gone. Kasha was busy barking at the neighbors who had disturbed her morning nap after working so hard throughout the night. Sophia was already busy barking at the fox who was skirting the edges of the flat lands next to the forest. She hates that gray/red fox with every bone in her body and let's it know that at every chance she gets.. Where was Chief?? Normally he would be running his pasture fence line letting the fox know that he has Sophia's back but I did not hear his voice joining in...

I got a bit concerned because the last time he was this quite it was because his face was full of quills. I walked to the goat girls barn and there I found him waiting for his breakfast. This gentle giant was hungry as all get out and thought the process would happen faster it he just waited next to the dog food bin. He never blinked, twitched or moved a muscle - he just starred down the dog food bin waiting for me to arrive. Through the two gates I went to get to the bin, still he never blinks. I open the metal bin and scooped out his bowl full and still as a statue. Through the two gates and over to him and he leaps to his feet and just about knocks the dish out of my hands. Breakfast at last for him - mine will still be a while.

Did I tell you the other thing I love about these dogs - PATIENCE!!


Ngo Family Farm said...

Aww, sweet Chief! He's so lovable :)

larkspur funny farm said...

He is that and a very hard working partner in this farm.

BLD in MT said...

That is such a sweet story! Animals are the some of the best teachers I've found!