Friday, December 9, 2011

Joy found in keeping awake

The up side about keeping the hours I did during the blizzard and sub zero temps are the many things I got done in order to stay awake.

This is a great Jacob Sheep Wool Hand Spun Yarn I worked on because I could spin with most of my layers on and not worry about the fibers getting stuck on my clothing. I traded some alpaca fleece for this locally raised organic wool from a sweet little ram who is now living in Montana where this coming year he will be the breeding ram for a small organic farm. He will be a proud owner of 4 horns which is what the breed is known for but does not happen to all of that breed. After washing his fleece I did not card it on the machines but rather just used my flicker brush to open up the tips on the clusters of wool and I did not over work the fibers when spinning so I could keep their rustic and magical nature. I did ply it back on it's self which made the yarn come alive. I really enjoyed spinning this and it was a great way to stay awake don't you think???

You can take home this rustic 130 yard skein now that I have it listed on my Etsy shop - I can think of so many uses for it but you get to decide once it is in your talented hands.

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