Sunday, December 11, 2011

Quick - It's Herschel

I am thrilled I finally could got a picture or two of Herschel. He is one fast little bugger here along with his sister Hazel. I still have not gotten a good clear one of her.

Herschel looks so much like his father Rasputin but has the speed of his mother Eva. His fleece is incredible and I love his horns. Herschel is not one to like to be touched which is the way of a boy - it is also something I do not demand of them except when I shear and all of them will quite down once I get my hands on them. I have not taken his baby fleece yet because we had such weird weather but I hope that it will not get too messy while we get through the winter months. He sure was glad to have that thick soft fleece during the -27 degrees - he was one of the yearlings who played in the snow while the rest of us shivered...

Hope you like his picture because they don't come easy...


Aprons and More said...

Sweet! We would expect the speed with a name like that...A proud little University of Georgia goat. (Herschel Walker - outstanding 1980's UGA running back)

Katy :)

larkspur funny farm said...

I had no idea - not a sport fan. I named them because his sister looked like a hazel nut color and Herschel was more brown but as them got a bit older like with all animals the colors changed a bit. They really have their fathers coloring.

Thanks for stopping in Katy - How is your Mom?

Leigh said...

Hi. I saw your comment at Jane's (Hardwork Homestead) and figured that anybody with a 100 year old sourdough starter, I had to come visit, LOL

Are those angora goats? I think angoras are absolutely the most beautiful goat in the animal world. We're trying to head in the direction of Kinders however. I used to have a llama for my homestead fiber source, but lost him. :(

larkspur funny farm said...

Welcome to the Funny Farm Leigh - hope you enjoy visiting this strange adventures.. The 100 year old sourdough comes from a great family in Alaska and it is the best I have ever tasted.

I have Angora, Cashmere and Cashgora. I also have now only 3 llamas when we had 28 and ran over 25 alpacas and around 100 or so sheep but now that it is just me the numbers are lower.. 80 goats..

If you are ever in the market or if I can help you in any way let me know I will do my best.

Again, Welcome