Thursday, December 22, 2011

Smells Like The Holidays

Last night I needed to feel as if I had done something for the holiday spirit.

Earlier in November I had collected the last of the Wild Rose Hips that the deer had some how missed. They where washed and then placed on a drying rack in the basement. Then

before the snow had blanketed the ground I spent some time collecting the tiny pine cones that the wind had knocked off the trees around the forest on the farm. I put them on an industrial cookie sheet to let them dry and check for bugs.

As I sat waiting on my midnight animal check I decided to create my little mixture that puts a great smell in the air without the horrible chemicals and Earth chocking packaging of those Plug In's. Along with the Pine Cones and Rose Hips I added Star of Anise, Cinnamon Bark,

Tangerine and Orange peels.

Toss them all together and the house is full of holiday cheer.

What is great is after the holidays you can place this in your compost bin

No Harm No Chemicals.

1 comment:

Candy C. said...

Very nice. Very natural. Very festive!! :)