Monday, December 19, 2011

True Bliss

For those of us who Live, Love and Lust over Fiber this is nothing short of FANTASTIC, AMAZING and FINGER TWITCHING!!!! I have the joy of offering some of this beyond words Teeswater Lamb's Lockets now on my Etsy Store....

I must admit I have been just loving on this fleece since I spent an entire weekend washing in very small batches this little girls 7 inch long pure white fleece. I took my time, tons of well water and my special home made natural soap to keep these lockets in perfect condition. She was a coated yearling who has bloodlines that wins ribbons all over the US and I was one lucky girl to purchase her fleece. The universe was more then kind to this fiber gal....

When it was finally dry I just stood there gazing at it. I gently ran my hand over the many drying racks scattered around my living room. I was giddy with excitement. If you are not into fleece or the animals that grow it you might think me nuts but that's O.K. because that just means more for me.

For those who share my passion you must be having your fingers twitching... Believe me in 15 years of touching thousands of animals and fleeces I have to say this is just the most amazing wool lockets I have gotten my hands on and so I am hanging on to some for myself and slowly selling some to others. It was not easy but I want folks to feel what the best Teeswater Wool Lockets should feel like.

So RUN don't walk - I might put some more up for sale but for right now what I have in my Etsy shop is all I could part with - forgive me but I too Live, Love and Lust for the Best !!

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Terri said...

I found you by way of MJF board, I read a thread you posted in. I am truly inspired by what you do. You have a really lovely blog and I am happy to stop by to visit.
Teeswater lamb's lockets look very luxurious! Wow! No wonder you want to keep it for yourself ; )
Happy Holidays!
Farmgirl #2550