Sunday, December 11, 2011

High Tech Hay Transport

I thought I would share with you how this gal moves hay during the winter months. No, it is not with some over seas made mechanical monster throwing toxins in the air and in the ground. It only requires the stubbornness of one aging yet fit farm girl and assorted tunes playing loudly from my CD Player (You read that right - no I don't have a IPod) tucked into my coat pocket. Now while most folks would not be thrilled to twice a day make many trips around their property pulling through the cold white snow drifts up to their thighs the food that their animals require I find comfort in this very physical activity and in the knowing that I an not harming the land in which I live on. I has been a bit of a challenge with these new huge hay bales but I am learning each day and I was reminded that less pollutants went into making these larger bales then all the smaller ones I have relied on for so many years.
Now I'll show you the Big Transport - it's a Whopper and sure gives this gal a workout. It can hold two grown people or two small bales with room to spare. This one allows me to have all the eggnog and cookies I want because it is like pulling a car behind me - sure gives the shoulder a reason to bitch and moan but still I would not trade it for all the tractor payments in the world.

So now that I have given you more reasons to wonder if this gal truly doesn't belong in a Funny Farm just know it sure beats getting dressed, driving to a gym to use equipment that some sweaty stranger has touched and then get a bill once a month for this pleasure. I get to breath the fresh crisp air while moving Hay the High Tech Funny Farm Way...


Ngo Family Farm said...

Grace, what is that exactly? Like a sled? I use a big cart with wheels, but I needed a sled this past week!

larkspur funny farm said...

The first one is a huge Tupperware storage box some have wheels on the back - that one broke in the horrible wind storm. So this is just flat bottomed.. It holds alot and does not tip over like a sled. The bigger one was the body of a huge wheel barrel which the metal frame broke so now it is a huge sled... The plastic glides over the snow better then wood. Also, nothing to go into land fills.

Ngo Family Farm said...

Ah, very inventive! And much better than some high tech hay-hauling gadget--anything powered by something other than muscle eventually breaks anyway ;)