Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Before Another Storm

With only a few hours sleep under my belt - mind would not shut off and the dogs would not shut up I left the farm long before the sun was up - did the chores at my friends house at 4 am and got into the small town east of us by 5:24 am to get supplies for the up coming snow storm. I was thrilled to hear in the middle of the night that they revised their schedule on when we where to get dumped on so I had a small window to get everything done.

I picked up all the normal staples that are common for blizzards around here. Bread flour, sugar, butter, milk, cream, fruit, veggies and a few extras like coffee, baking chocolate and nuts. Yes and some batteries - you know, so I can listen to my CD's while pulling hay through the snow... Once the truck was full I headed to the feed store - 5 fifty pound bags of dog food, 4 - forty bags of chicken feed, and a sack of goat formula. Yes, you read that right - I know that none of the girls had been breed this season but we all remember Agatha, our virgin birth. So I thought just in case - remember it is never dull around here and I would rather be prepared - you know me, nervous Nelly.

I had the propane tank filled - it had been since April and I just did not want to be stuck with no heat in a blizzard during the holidays - Been There, Done That... So once returning home - now it was about 10 am and as I pulled into my driveway the deer had been working fast on gathering something to eat as well before the snow flies again. Now we all will just wait and see if we are getting the 14 inches they predict - Keep those fingers crossed that they got it wrong again but if not we have plenty to eat and I am sure much to keep me busy as the new dawn breaks.

It has been snowing since 3:00 this afternoon so soon I will go out and check on everyone and will do so through the night if it keeps coming as hard and fast as it has been. I guess it will be another night with little sleep under my belt - I had to punch two more holes in the belt the other day - it is getting too cold outside to have those pants drop around my knees - heehee!!


Ngo Family Farm said...

Stay warm, Grace. Looks like another doozy here, too.

monica said...

Grace, I pray that you and the kids stay safe and warm!
Hugs, Monica

Tribal Horse Designs said...

stay safe and warm !!praying for you all !!!

larkspur funny farm said...

I have drift to my waist and the snow is still coming down. This is going to be a long day.. I will need your prayers and light spirit.

Candy C. said...

I always worry about you and all your critters whenever I see another storm headed your way on the news! Keep warm!

Keeper of the Past said...

Hope everyone is snuggled down and you can stay in by the fire and stay safe! You will be in my prayers.

Aprons and More said...

Hope everyone stays warm and safe!! We will be sending warm's almost 70 here!

Katy :)