Friday, December 30, 2011

Funny Farm Fright

I woke this morning still struggling with this chest cold but figured I would stay in the present moments of this day and stop being wrapped up in this condition I can do nothing about - no over the counter med's here. I started my coffee pot and homemade biscuits.. I noticed out the kitchen window that I did not see Chief doing his normal fence checks. The poor guy was not feeling 100% either during rounds Thursday and did not even wish to eat his breakfast - that is something for one of these big hard working dogs. Being the worry wart that I am I even made a special dinner for him so he would eat something and so I would feel a bit better...

I went out the kitchen door and called his name - Nothing! Then I whistled a couple times - Nothing! I was trying not to be worried. Maybe he had a hard night and was sleeping in - Lucky Guy!!

As I made my breakfast I could not help but slip into my worst behavior. With every minute that clicked off the kitchen clock I began to think of all the horrible things that could have happened to Chief. You see I am great at imaging the worst... Hate that about myself but over the years I thought if I could think of the worst and have a plan then I could handle anything - boy does that back fire at times.

Finally, I could not stand it - I put on my boots and with my Jammie's on - walked through the snow to the barn while calling his name. With each step my heart was getting heavier. I reached the gates and the cold metal clanked loudly which normally would have Chief running towards me. Nothing!!

As I walked the length of the outside barn and rounded the corner to the open door I called again - Nothing! The goat girls where all talking at once as I stepped into the dark shadows of the cold barn. I had to wait a couple of seconds for my eyes to focus and NO CHIEF!!

By now my heart was beating so fast I felt light headed. In a panic I came out of the barn and now was screaming his name. My eyes darted all over the white covered pasture hoping not to see a lump laying motionless in the freezing snow. To the farthest part of the pasture was the deer herd who are nibbling on some grass that had poked out over the now hard packed snow. Just then I noticed right next to the deer, some still resting in between the wind break row of trees there out stretched and motionless was Chief. My heart jumped in my throat and I screamed out his name and waved my arms as I ran towards him - I am amazed how this tired aching body can really move when one of my sweet one's are in trouble. As I crashed through the snow as I made my way towards him all the while calling his name with a high pitched panic tone the hard working friend of mine finally stood up and started trotting towards me. We looked like those slow motion portions in a romance movie where the long lost lovers are meeting after searching the world for each other.

As we met in the middle of the pasture Chief's tail stood straight, his ears up and with a twinkle in his eyes. He jumped up on me and I hugged him with all my might... I checked him all over and there was ice on one side of his furry coat. He must have been laying out there for some time. All that can wait for a bit as I walked back to the barn with Chief glued to my leg wanting my hands to stroke his head with each step. I was still worried but I want just to get him back to the barn and check him over. The goat girls encircled us while I checked him over. I could find nothing. I put my head to his chest to hear if there was fluid or a rattle - hard to do with all the girls talking. Nothing!!

So I went and grabbed him some food and he ate his breakfast while I stayed with him to make sure he ate. Just then I remembered - Crap My Breakfast!!!

When I returned to the house the coffee was cold, the eggs burnt, the bacon nothing short of cinders and the biscuits are similar to hockey pucks. Even with all of that I am thrilled but worried about Chief. Today will be a day of my over protective motherly eye watching, body checking and heavy heart beating at the farm. Here I thought I would release myself from the over worried state this time of year brings (baby birthing season) but instead the universe just places it in other forms...

If you would please keep Chief in your thoughts and prayers - I know he will be fine - we are all battle the winter bugs but I must say this old gal sure could use some peace at this farm. Hug those around you today both two and four legged - we forget things can change quickly.


Sheri said...

I'm glad he is okay. Hopefully you took the time to make yourself another breakfast! Worry warts R Us...I know that club well. Hope you are feeling better too.

Ngo Family Farm said...

Oh goodness, my heart raced faster and faster reading each sentence! I, too, am known for my tendency to worry to the extreme! And it is so true that the universe brings us the same lessons over and over and over...until we learn whatever it is we're supposed to.

I hope you and Chief feel better very soon. Maybe all that romance from Esmerelda plain wore him out ;)

Sending a prayer to Saint Francis, the patron saint of animals, for your dear Chief. And for peace for you today.


Tombstone Livestock said...

So happy you found him ok, hopefully there is nothing seriously wrong. My Pyr will be a year old next week and she is not always a big eater, I try to fix something several times a week vs. just her normal food trying to get a little more weight on her. She likes warm food, so couple times a week she gets hamburger and brown rice along with her kibble.

Candy C. said...

I'm so glad Chief was okay and you found him!! I hate, hate, hate when the animals don't follow their normal routine, it always makes me worry that something is wrong! Hugs to you and Chief!!

monica said...

Grace, I will definitely be keeping you and Chief in my prayers! So glad he was okay!

Hugs to you and the kids!

larkspur funny farm said...

Thank you so much ladise for the prayers and well wishes - Chief was enjoying my continual checking on him - loves all the attention. As for me would love to not worry so much but I with you Cindy when the normal routine changes in these animals it is not a good sign.

With us all getting older and working so hard sometimes we just are not 100% so rest is what we all need but the Party Animals are arriving at the farm so no rest for us wicked this day...