Thursday, January 26, 2012

And The Winner Is

Drum Roll Please
As I reach into the big bowl containing 158 entries and pulled out a slip of paper with the following participants name:

Pam's Fiber from Dream Come True Farm

and the name that comes with that drawing is "Polka Dot"

Streamers flowing and ear piercing yells with rounds of applause fill the farm shop..

I want to thank everyone for your wonderful and creative entries. Also, for taking the time to work those gray cells and also sit in front of the computer to add your suggestions to my sights. I am so thrilled that so many wanted to aid in the naming of the sweet little girl who now races around the pasture full of life and love.

If Pam's Fiber would contact me at to give me her address so I can send out your winnings I sure would appreciate it.

Again, thank you all for participating.