Sunday, January 15, 2012

Momma in Waiting

After the events of Friday I took a good look at the other female llama and Yep we have another Mommy to Be... No time to waste she is rolling and sitting funny so the time is coming closer. That means Grace needs to get her flat tired butt in gear...

So after sitting with a cup of coffee and a piece of paper I have the game plan mapped out. Trust me if you don't think these things through you will be running around chasing animals through the snow with all getting tired and never where we want to end up.

First things first. I moved Olivia out of her side of the goat girls barn. She was not happy. Then I turned the bottle kids out and cleaned that side of the barn. Moved in the bigger feed containers and waters.

Next, was to get this gal up to the big barn and pasture. Like most animals or humans change is not something they do without some struggle or a very clear reason - WOW life lesson for Grace again. Anyway, what I did was walk the path to the new pasture without ever giving her eye contact. I went slow and with a kind heart. I walked through the two different gates and up to the top hill. I sat down and breathed slowly. I sat for about 10 minutes, got up and walked to the house without ever looking at her. I went into the house and pour a cup of coffee... Within about three minutes she walked the same path, through the gates and up to the hill and sat down. I than came out of the house and closed the gates. Told her "Thank you" and went back to work.

Now to move the new baby and Mother. I went to the small barn and greeted them both with no words but a bent head and slow breathing. When I saw they where calm I slowly picked up the baby and opened the barn door. We walked slowly across the farm as Mother would circle me talking all the while to her baby. If either one got too nervous I stopped breathed loudly and slowly until they settled down. Upon reaching the barn I sat the baby down and closed the gate behind us. I sat on a stool and waited untill Mother checked over every inch of the little one and stopped making her nervous noises. Baby came up to me and I gently scratched her all over... She loves it and soon she sat beside me. I waited a bit longer to give them the time they needed and so they understood I was not going to do anything else to them.

Once I left the barn it was full steam ahead. Big panels are needing to be dug out of snow banks and carried across the farm to the barn. Then replacing the smaller sheep panels with the larger llama panels to keep everyone in the right places. I tell you walking through the snow with panels becomes a big work out but the weather was warmer then I thought so I was at least not cold. I cleaned out the empty section in the smaller barn and made new digs for the bottle kids. I also constructed a run for them so they could go outside and still be safe. Smaller feeders and waters brought in and filled - now it was time to go get the bottle kids. They are like ducks - they see me and follow - great for me because I was not looking forward to carrying everyone across the farm..

It is now time for evening chores - a full days work and everyone in their new spots. I will have another night of checks but at least I know I have them in a place where I can care of them with no worry of the elements. Now it is a waiting game - the baby greets me each time I come to check which makes the cold long walk well worth it.


Sheri said...

Sounds like you have already had your work out for the day! It sure feels good to have everything in order though doesn't it? Keep us posted on the next arrival. Guess your animal midwifery is destined to be no matter what!

Candy C. said...

I'm glad you were able to get everyone moved around to make it easier with the next delivery! How fun that the new baby has bonded with you so nicely! I'm looking forward to seeing the next addition to the Funny Farm! :)