Friday, January 6, 2012

Baby Babbette

I only went to carry some hay into the barn and water to the far pastures - Honest. I did not have much energy and the work was draining what little I had but I pressed on. When I reached the goat girls barn I was almost on empty and just then Babbette and Agatha follwed me into the barn to get out of the sun. The sun was reaching almost 50 degrees and I was debating if I risked taking off my jacket. As I noticed these two girls in the barn without a thought I closed the door behind us and walked to the catch pen. Silly girls - they followed me in which was so lucky for me because I had not been able to touch these little girls for some time. They are way too fast for this gal to chase all around but in the pen I sat down and let them calm down and the touching began.

Agatha is a wild child and full of energy - it was like touch a bucking bronc but soon she did not mind and we made sort of friends. Then there was Babbette - she is the off spring of Monica and was the baby that I thought I was never going to get out of her mother last February. She is a true offspring of that line of goats. Fast as the wind, not very big but OH What Fiber. I always carry scissors in my pocket so while I was sitting with her I thought - just a locket or two, no harm no fowl. It was a quick snip and I had her lovely locket in my tired hands. It is like a tonic to me - the moment I moved that silky lock between my thumb and index finger it was like a spirit took over. Before either one of us knew what was happening I had her in my lap and I was clipping away. Like I said I had not planned on this - I did not even have a bag with me so I was stuffing the lockets in my pockets as I sat and soon I found myself stuffing the fiber in my turtle nick shirt. Now I know I do not teach folks this but it works in a pinch. As I took my time and relaxed into the process so did she. She even fell asleep several times - that is trust from someone I had not gotten my hands on for about 5 months. With each clip I also scratched the spot to show her now she can reach her body when she scratches. The average locket will be around 6 inches and so buttery soft. I left about 1 1/2 of length on her body to carry her thru the cold to come.

When the clipping was done and we had body rubs all over she and I got up, left the pen, opened the door and stepped out. There we both were greeted by the goat girls - sniffing her and me all over and Mommy Monica checked over every inch of her Babbette... She ran around, jumping and bouncing because she was free of that heavy coat. I on the other hand eeked to the house for the spell was broken and my body was telling me so. Once in the house I pulled out the lockets from under my shirt - I am sure that was some sight.

So today I hope to grade, clean and maybe wash those amazing buttery soft lockets.

Amazing what I can do when I touch fiber... I did not even feel this cold bug in my body - I had a higher purpose...


Ngo Family Farm said...

So THAT'S what it means to have a "locket in your pocket!" ;)

Candy C. said...

The healing power of animals is very strong! :)
LOL!! to Jaime's comment!!

larkspur funny farm said...

Very funny Jamie...

I agree Candy - a minute with my animals and life is grand.