Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spinning is my Bliss

I spent the day in the fiber prep room hoping to get centered while
the winds outside made it impossible to work outside and so I needed to get lost in my heart and hands with what bring me purpose and joy. I created many batts during the day and they are up on my Etsy shop looking for talented folks to take home but by evening I needed to spin. My soul just calls out to this and I can not ignore it. I had planned on going to bed early because I really needed the rest but the roving was just screaming for me to sit and spin.

I am always amazed how the world slips away the moment my foot starts the motion of up and down and my hands start drafting the eye candy fiber. My life has purpose, has joy and the worries of that around me melts aways into bliss. I let the fiber dictate what it wishes to be and unlike most of my life where I find myself holdin on with "White Knuckles" and "Clinched Jaw" through out the day. I am always asking myself to "Be here in the moment Grace" - "Release and Allow Grace" and many more statements such as those trying to find the Peace, Love and Joy that I do when I am touching fiber.

So for those hours I spent spinning this gal lived in PURE BLISS and I hope you had that in your day. Would love to know what that is for you??


Sheri said...

Beautiful Grace. I spent the evening spinning as well. I know just what you mean about it helping to center yourself.

Anonymous said...

How lovely! Learning to spin with a wheel is a "someday" goal I have... I have had some success with a drop spindle. Love it.

Thank you for this inspiring post.

Candy C. said...

Nice post!
My bliss is baking, I would rather be baking than anything! :)

larkspur funny farm said...

Sheri I hope youfound the same joy and bliss in your spinning as I did..

Mooberry Farmwife I would be honored to teach you if you are ever in my neck of the world

Candy I knew yours would be baking - you have such a talent and gift at that. I envy your talent

Penny said...

That is the pretties yarn...I just started teaching myself to knit but already crochet...wouldn't that make a beautiful scarf? Thanks for sharing