Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lady in Waiting - Update

As the sun rose this morning I had hoped the change in air pressure Monday would have trigger the birthing of the other cria (baby) sitting inside of it's Mother... No Such Luck!!!

Llama's have a great way of delivering during the day which is instinctual. Since they understand that predators come at night Mother Nature has given them this ability to almost stop or slow down their contractions when predators might be around. During the day they can see all around while engaged in the hard task of delivering new life and the rest of the herd will keep watch while they deliver. I have loved that about these amazing creatures but here is the down side - most times if they do deliver in the night it is because they are having troubles and so it does not mean you stop checking on them during the night because that is when they will need me. Unlike my Goat Girls who love having me with them all the time during their labor and delivering - my llama girls are much more private. Who would blame them? I sure did not want an audience while delivering my sons - I did not even want the doctor to be looking down there - we wont even go into my issues we are talking Llama's..

Since today is going to be bone biting cold and tomorrow is to be in the 50's - Which day would you bet this baby might come??? Leave your bet and we will see who is right..


Candy C. said...

Ha! My guess is today while it's bone chilling cold!

larkspur funny farm said...

Well Candy we both guessed wrong - I give up.