Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday 13th Visitation

What a lucky day here at the Farm - I had a visitation from two Colorado Mary Jane Farm Girls - Debbie and Marilyn. These wonderful gals drove a long distance to stop in and chat a while. When they reached the house I was presented with a lovingly prepared basket from Debbie.

There was hand crocheted dish clothes and a nice assortment of teas

A homemade Artisan White Bread wrapped in a floral dish towel

There are some wonderful Cranberry Orange Muffins tucked in there too.

As you noticed the towel has already found it's spot in the kitchen.

Now I am not all about the gifts but it was incredible that she took the time to create such a loving basket of goodies just for me - MANY THANKS!

We spent some time chatting, wondering around the shop and seeing what I do and Debbie received a gift certificate from another Mary Jane Farm Girl for Christmas which I am thrilled to say she found two books on spinning and knitting Dog hair along with four skeins of hand spun Llama/Wool Yarn for a pair of mittens that she will be knitting for herself. Then I had a bit of time to show her some of my tricks in spinning on a drop spindle. With time, practice and breathing I have faith that she will master the kit she purchased some six years ago.

As our time came to an end I invited them back whenever time, weather and health permits. I thank you again for sharing your time and friendship with me - Blessings and Be Well

Have a wonderful weekend ladies

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Candy C. said...

How fun to get to meet some fellow Mary Janes Farmgirls!!