Saturday, January 14, 2012

Something STRANGE is in the Air - Read On

As the sun was getting lower in the sky and I still was sitting at the computer trying to update my Etsy shop I felt a strange feeling come over me. I know most might think I am nuts and that is perfectly fine with me but here is what was happened and then you judge.

Yes, I know it is Friday the 13th which I never put any worry into. I love the very B rated movies where Jason seems to have no other purpose then to hack apart teenage sinners and never dies - we wont go into what that means in today's mind set. I had been hoping that the cramping in my stomach was not another bout of this bug I have been fighting and trust me those lady parts where long ago taken (I know too much information but it is needed to explain the unfolding of events) and not missed.

I tried to keep my mind focused and ignore the growing pain. It reminds me of the start of labor. Now remember I decided to not breed the goat girls and give this overly tired and stressed midwife a break. So again I tried to block it from my thoughts. After about a half hour of this I thought stand up and walk around a bit so I went to my office window and looked out. There on the driveway and front grass area was about 40 some or more deer wondering around very strange like. WHAT THE HECK!!! Yes, I used other words but I am not here to shock you.

I went to go get my camera and try to take pictures of this. Yep, no one would stand still. They where milling about the isolate pens and close to the front drive. I decided to go outside and see if I could get a better shot of the massive number of them. As I am trying to creep closer to them my silly Sophia started barking and they took off bounding into the forest. Just then I noticed Llama boy - he was humming and not his usual tune. I was not focused on that but rather the increasingly painful cramps. Just as I was about to turn around and go into the house I saw one of the llama girls sitting in the corner of the isolate pen kind of funny. I stopped and tried to focus my eyes in her direction but the sun was now low enough to blind me. I stood there with my Long John's and turtle neck sweater on starting to get very cold and shaking but I thought just quickly walk over and check things out.

As I tried not to slip on the ice that now is the majority of what is left from the big snow storm. I made my way over and saw "TWO FEET STICKING OUT HER BUTT". OH MY GOSH.....

I walked quicker to her but not in the way to convey panic. I was breathing loudly so she would know I was not in Panic and so she could continue with what was already happening. I opened the big metal gates with no gloves - crap that is cold. I walked slower but with a large stride so I could get there and assess the situation. I made Llama Boy and the other Llama Girl get out of the area and started counting her contractions. It would not be long and the bitter cold wind was kicking up. I quickly went back to the house, put on some clothes, got towels, vet kit and was say prayers the whole way there and back.

Now I know why I was in such distress. The baby delivered quick and easy. I hated to do this but it was so cold outside and there was no shelter out there we had to move everyone. I took the towel wrapped it around the body of the baby and picked up this long legged wet and slippery baby. I slowly started walking hoping that Mommy would not attack me or get disconnected from the bond with baby. Slowly we walked as she hummed and I made sure not to make eye contact with her or baby. We finally reached the small barn and I got her to cross the doorway. I placed the baby down and ran to get straw, buckets, feed and cover up the window to stop the draft. I went to work like my butt was on fire and within a half hour all was settled in and I was sitting in the corner awaiting the first nursing.

After it was clear that Mommy was more then a bit nervous of me being in such close quarters with her little one I made the decision to go in the house and give it a bit of time. I came in made me dinner, sat in mediation to calm myself down and release any fear I might be holding for this little one. I gave them about an hour or so and went outside. Luckily I could look through the other windows and watch without coming in and worrying Mom again. Yep we have nursing!!!

So my connection to birthing Mothers at this farm is not lost and with this seasoned Mother I will be on 2 hour watches to make sure all goes well... Some Friday the 13th here at the Farm. Never a Dull Moment!!!

Yes, we will have a naming contest coming up but let's not get ahead of ourselves...


Sheri said...

Excitement for you....and you thought you didn't want any babies this year. Guess the Universe had something else in mind. Good thing you listen to your intuition. Glad to know she is well. I wonder how many more you will have??? {grin}

Ngo Family Farm said...

Wow, Grace, what an amazing connection you have to your animals!! I'm glad I've only had to go through labor pains once so far, and that was with a human baby ;)

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Was this a planned pregnancy or an accident? Either way I am so happy to see it all worked out well and mama and baby are settled in. Best wishes

Candy C. said...

Never a dull moment indeed!! Glad everything is going well for mom and baby and you too!