Sunday, July 1, 2012

Baby Sitting for this Grand Mother?

You would think after all the years living a not NORMAL life I would be use to strange happenings.  WRONG!

I admit I got two hours of sleep because I was watching "Being Human" on Hullu - Yep, I was trying to get with the flow of modern computer life.  Also with the heat I just could not sleep.  So with little sleep again I started my Sunday morning with great hopes and a long list.  Trying to read the huge operators manual for this computer on line was like pulling my finger nails out and half way through the computer acted weird.  Yep, I paniced and called the help center They again had such patience was so wonderful.  We had a bunch of issues, all of which I did not understand but we are running again...  I can not express how much this kind of stuff freaks me out.

After that two hour horror I needed to be outside with the animals.  I took the big billiesout of their pens because they have no grass with this heat.  So off to the forest we went so we could knock down the tall dry grass. While out there I had about two dozen dragon flies whirling around my head - really neat and so calming!!  Really needed that after the computer thing.  On the way back to the house and putting up the boys I kept thinking I just really needed a quite night.. I also need to sleep. Oh and should I even mention some RAIN!!!!

As I came upstairs I could not beleive what I saw -  flying in the house was the two parents of the babies in the coop flying around screaming around my living room and kitchen.  I had no idea what was going on.  When the parents left the house there I saw was the two babies.  So now it is an hour later and the parents have come into the house about a dozen times talingk to the babies and then go away while leaving the little one's here.  The babies are only moving around the ceiling and talking to each other softly.  I am trying to just let them be so if they will gather their wits..  At first I thought this might have been a accident but I think the parents feel my house is a safe place to leave their little one's.  Why doesn't anyone ask me first???

I just want to know how much should I charge for baby bird sitting??? 


caprejan said...

Computers!! what did we do before we had them? Im almost getting to grips with mine although only the basics. Maybe one day we will be able to achieve the bit where one talks and sees a person, Im not that far advanced yet, so Im not sure what century.
Birds are so cheeky leaving their young but I think they know they can get a free babysitter at your place. Have a good dayx

Sharon said...

The heavy smoke from the wildfires will disrupt your satellite internet. Maybe that is part of your problem. I love the baby birds story. :)