Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sharing Accommodations

While Birdie Sitting the little one's in the house this morning the Mother sat outside on the front deck bent willow chair and sang her song so loudly that I thought she must have been sitting right next to me.  I grabbed the camera and took a quick snap.  They have such a routine now about dropping the babies off early in the morning into my house and then going about their day.  With having two days of rain storms the babies are taking more flying lessons but always returning to the living room if the door is open.  So far there has only one accident and that was on the wooden floor which was easily cleaned up.  Their sweet songs and muted chirping adds to the flow of the day but I am sure most would not be thrilled to have wild birds feeling right at home in their living room.   I guess over the years I have learned I am in their space and need to share  the world I live in - now that does not mean I will invite the deer into the house but last night I guess they decided the mint and sage in the front bed was the best tasting food around seeings how everything else is brown and crunchy.  I did not mind so much but I do have more then my share of round poop pellets covering my front driveway in front of the house and shop.  Time to get the rake, shovel and wheel barrel going.  Just another unexpected result of house guests.


caprejan said...

Delightful!! Im sure a few more pellets can be used on the tomatoes.xx:)

larkspur funny farm said...

Hi sweetie - not sure if you had a different blog in mind when writing this - We have all done it.