Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stupid is as Stupid Does

Friday at 6 am I went to town - food and feed was in need after a month and I told everyone to behave.  Yeah Right! I came home to Sundance again with his head thru the fence.  This is an every week deal with him and in time or the sound of thunder he figures it out.  I have tried to help him every time he does this but I end up with smashed fingers, cut hands or many other injuries.  Besides he has to learn this ...

Before you feel too sorry for him - I gave food and water all the time, tried to comfort him to relax so I could get him out and even his twin brother tried to comfort him which Butch was met by the same bad behavior.   

It is now Sunday afternoon and still Sundance is stuck. I have had no sleep because he cried all night long and when he was not crying Kasha was barking telling me that he is still stuck.  Now as the saying goes what goes in must come out - but finally about an hour ago I went out with the heavy wired cutters and Yes, cut my fence - CRAP!!!  I am so so so so mad that words can not even come close.  The moment I cut it he still would not put his head back so a tap on his nose and he jumped back and then pronged around the pen so Happy.  So do you think this will stop the silly bugger???  NO- I am sure it wont.. 

Yes, I forgot to take a picture of his silly self stuck in the fence.  I admit I was so pissed that it never even entered my brain.  Now when the sun goes down I have a fence square to fix.  You know I had nothing planned for today anyway - Yeah Right!!


Tombstone Livestock said...

Ahhhhhhhhh Goats with horns. I take a piece of PVC pipe about 3 inches longer than holes my goats stick their heads in and duct tape it to the back sides of their horns. They look like they are walking around with antenneas on their heads but keeps me from having to cut fence.

Keeper of the Past said...

Grace, the pvc pipe idea might work for this guy.
Your GD might have been barking because a predator looks for animals hung up in fences and constantly crying out. I know that some of the coyote calls that people use to hunt coyotes sound like a distressed sheep or goat.
It is so aggravating...when I try to get a sheep out of a fence, if I am in front they won't let me push their head back in and if I get behind them, they push harder on the fence. You can' win

caprejan said...

Its all sent to try us, no way Grace, its the naughtyness of goats just to get you going.
Im sure he thought you were off to have a good time going to town and needed to give you something extra to do when you arrived home. Bless their little tails and horns of course, take it easy and have a good day. huh.

Kristina said...

Oh no! That must be frustrating for the both of you.

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks ladies for your support and kind words. Over the 15 years I have had many a head in the fence issues but this guy lives to be stupid. My kasha was the one barking - she keeps the farm humming and I even brought her in closer to the silly billy to keep him safe. She did nip his nose gently to get him to let me help but no luck. So I will see about the PVC pipe for him - tempting not to hit him with it but that is not me..