Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It is Tuesday - Now What?

This mornings Sunrise was just the push I needed to get the body going outside before the heat was to come.  I was amazed to find that even the hens were still sound asleep on their roost and the billy goats were still curled up in their family groups dreaming of green pastures.  Yeah, I had that same dream but will be only seeing brown weeds and dirt.  Trying to stay on the positive side of this drought I decided to unpacked my evacuation suite cases and put everything back in it's place.  I will admit I still have the files, business records and jewelry packed but my jeans, shirts and shoes are back in their place. 

It is hard to watch the pastures turn to dirt, to see wild birds sit at all the bowls I fill each day and drink like there is no tomorrow.  I am still several times a day walking buckets of water out to the forest for the wild animals who are struggling through this drought as well - it is getting old but I fell so sorry for all they are experiencing.  I also do not wish those preditors to find another reason to come in closer to my sweet ones.

I know so many who have a farm, or raise animals and who's business is suffering so with what Mother Nature is handing us and we just have to find ways to carry on.  It will be effecting the rest of the world in months to come so I hope you are thinking about what that will mean to you and yours. 

This evening we have rain clouds rolling in and I am hoping for a gentle long rain without all the high winds, frightening and deadly lightening and most of all for it not to come so fast that it all just runs away.  I know - NOT ASKING FOR MUCH!  I will take what I can get in the way it comes because I have no choice.  So as I settle into a night of hunting for hay, posting products on line and keeping watch over the farm I give thanks for another day here in the life I love. Wonder what Wednesday will bring?

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