Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monday Funk Made Right

I have found my new rain dance - it is "Grace trying to get outside work done" and boy does it work. I was hoping to get more of the broken pallets loaded in the back end of the truck when again out of no were lighening started hitting the ground and the billies and I ran to the house.  In seconds the clouds opened up and the rain came in sheets. Crap I had the truck windows open again...  As I stood takening pictures and billies ran under the back deck. 
Not all are being smart.  Llama Boy instead of going to the barn or even a loafing shed he just sat down and kept a watchful eye out.  Silly Guy...
After the first wave of rain the Llama Girls and Kids went to see the pool that appeared with 10 minutes.  No sooner then this picture was taken the rain came again.  On and off thru the early evening which was great but the lightening was horrible and scary.  Lost power on and off so I stood with my hand crank carding machine and made batts while watching "Saving Grace" on the battery DVD player.  After the lightening stopped I did go to the forest to listen to the water rush over the rocks and smell the air.  Pure Heaven !!  It amazes me that no matter what kind of a funky day I have  - all I have to do is go to the forrest and my heart comes back alive.


Sheri said...

Take the water to the mountain
Take the river to the sea
Let the forest be salvation
Long before it needs to be.

Take the water to the mountain
Let the sun shine on your ground
You decide your every movement
Let the water to the land.

Take the water to the mountain
Across the great divide of love
Give to nature all you can give
Let the mother know your heart.

Take the water to the mountain
Let's become alive again
Holy water, holy mountain
Holy river, holy tree.

song lyrics written by Jon Anderson

Kinda says it all doesn't it?

caprejan said...

Please do a dance for me,Ive tried all the latest versions, we have had two minutes rain in the last 3 months, your animals look so happy.

Anonymous said...

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