Thursday, July 19, 2012

Last Nights Luck

Last night I  was a bit worried because the farm was surround by very black clouds and more shafts of lighting then I wanted - one hit into the forest and all I could do is pray that it did not hit a tree.  I sat with again a sick stomach hoping Mother Nature would just leave this farm out of what she had planned.  After about a half hour of this horror I was lucky enough to have a gentle rain and also two rainbows visit the farm.  The one on the left is faint beacuse the clouds where moving quickly.  I love the dot, dash one on the right.  The rain was the type that the ground could use - slow, steady and not coming sideways.  Even the animals stood out in it and just enjoyed it falling on the over heated bodies.  I admit I put down the camera in the house and stood outside just looking up. 
As I walked back into the house I noticed that the pine tree next to the kitchen had just went wild with making pinecones.  I could not believe my eyes.  I had to take a picture because this tree in the past years only produced about 6 to 10 cones a year..  I stood in the rain a bit longer just to admire what this sweet tree was doing even when Mother Nature has not given it any reason to celebrate. Sometimes we just have to give our gifts even when life keeps hammering away at us.

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Ngo Family Farm said...

Ah, beautiful. Thank you for continuing to give your gifts, Grace :)