Monday, July 30, 2012

Wee One in the Shop

As I was sitting in my office Friday night trying to get my office set back up and struggling to understand how the paperwork got out of control again I kept hearing this strange high pitched noise.  I admit that most times I chalk things up to my lack of sleep.  I tried to ignore it and just turned up the sound up on the movie.  After an hour of this noise I had to figure it was more then brain cells firing all wrong.  I went around and around the shop trying to pin point the source.  Finally I moved some display pieces and there on the ground I found this tiny little baby. A little girl mouse.  Not sure how in the world it got to the middle of floor behind a wire display but I kept hoping the parents would come for it but after a half hour I admit it I could not help myself  I moved it closer to the wall and hoped with all hope that this would aid the parents - No, I did not touch it with my hands - no human smell added to keep the parents away.  I had to leave the shop because it broke my heart to hear it cry out for its parents.  I checked every half hour to see if it was rescued.  After four hours the poor thing expired.  Yes, here went Grace feeling so sad and upset.  Now I know it makes no sense since I have mouse traps all around the house and shop but I always get invested in new born things - I want to save them all if I can.  I figure grown up things have the presence of mind to make choices but not so with new ones.  Hard to get back to work in the shop but work is demanding more time

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