Friday, April 8, 2011

Frantic Friday at the Funny Farm - You wont believe this!

Thursday I took down the last of the kidding pens because we finished that part of our year and I could not stand seeing the empty pen that Ebony passed away in.. Worked hard and raked out the barn of the old straw and poop... I was one tired and smelly gal. The bottle feeding on Wynonna is going great and I even got about 5 full hours of sleep last night on the couch... As I crawled off the couch this morning and made the warm bottle I struggled to get my tired body moving toward the barn. As I opened the door a bit because the wind was brutal, I flipped on the inside lights and just then I saw Mishka finishing delivering a baby... I screamed "What the Hell" and freaked everyone out. I quickly ran outside and gabbed up two panels and made a pen as fast as lighting. As I just got Mishka contained and waited to see what she would do I could hear a faint cry. My eyes darted quickly around the barn to see where the sound was coming from - I asked the girls "Where is the Baby" and without standing up all the girls snapped their heads to the North East corner of the farm. There in the dark was this tiny mud covered little crying baby.. I ran to get a towel and over to the baby. Now who in the world is the Mom?? The only other girl who I swear was not expecting was LILLY!! Now just so everyone understands my confusion - before taking the birthing pens apart I did check Mishka and Lilly privates and utters - NOTHING!!!! So now you know why I was so thrown back. I quickly made another pen and placed Lilly into it with the baby. She was so freaked that I had to hold her and get the baby a bit of her milk. Mean while Mishka sat facing the corner and was not calling or even looking at the baby. I went into her pen and she bite me, the baby and jumped out of the pen.. So Mishka is going to be just like her mother - deliver a healthy baby but have noting to do with it. This boy was strong, active and big so I decided to leave him for a moment and help the tiny girl. Lilly was not going to take care of her which is strange because she is always tending to others and is kind beyond words. I had no time to waste for her to get her act together - the little girl had been out too long without much motherly love. I whisked her up and ran to the house. Upon reaching the kitchen I remember I had just packed away all the kidding towels in the basement last night and returned all the supplies to their rightful places. Great!! So I ran around getting supplies and started the hot water for her bath. I need to clean her up and get her warm. Then started feeding warm formula with an eye dropper and worked fast to get her up and running. After an hour she was taking a small bottle and standing on her own. So in the bathroom she went with the space heater and towels while I ran to the barn. Once in the barn I took Mishka's boy in my lap and he took 4 ounces of formula like a pro. Meanwhile both Mother's had taken themselves outside and never looked back once. So now Wynonna has the little boy with her - She is not happy that there is someone needing a bottle and my attention but they are working it out. The are in with Opal and Olivia and Yes, Olivia is not happy but Opal is over the moon. The three of them within a couple of hours where playing and chasing each other all around. So fast foreword to now and the little girl in the bathroom is walking and following me around the bathroom. She is taking 2 ounces at a feeding and has peed and pooped several times.... She is engaged and snuggles e whiel I feed her - I think she is doing well for now. She is much too tiny to put in the pen with Wynonna and everyone else but hopefully within a day or two. We have weather coming in and I just dont wish to risk it. So just another Frantic Friday at the Funny Farm..


Jane said...

Just when you thought you were out.... they pull you back in! I can't believe you have yet another kid in your bathroom. What a year your having.

larkspur funny farm said...

OPh Jane we one time had 8 lambs in the house with 9 goats - talk about a busy and nosey house. It was easier then becaue I also had my two sons.. Oh well what would I do with all that sleep???