Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mixed Woods - LFF Seamus Yarn

Well the "Easy Weekend" has sold out while I was trying to post this offering also from my LFF Seamus. I love being with my animals but when I am not with them the second favorite place is being in the forest that resides on my farm. The bark of these mighty giants tell the stories of their life and struggles, of all the seasons that have come and gone - all the while watching over me with the strength I have come to depend on. I tried to place all of the wood tones that you will find in the forest into this yarn and keep the colors clear and crisp. The next to the skin soft Kid Mohair will be nothing but amazing for whatever project you decide to make - just remember the last offering went so quickly that I would hate for you to be left out. I have 12 skeins and they are listed in my Etsy store - just click here and you too can have some of the once in a lifetime fleece of LFF Seamus. Thanks to my dear customer Ruth for giving the other offering a great home with talented hands.

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