Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Fuzzy Inch Worm

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved those fuzzy caterpillars that would make their appears just as Spring was starting to shake off those somber days of Winter. I have fond memories of staying outside all day hunting for those bewitching fuzzy worms.

I would gently place one in the palm of my hand and giggle with delight as they inched across my skin. I could spend hours having them tickle my hand and wonder if they enjoyed it as much as I did??? I remember wishing to be one of them and spend my day wearing a splendid fuzzy coat with all the eye popping colors that I found on the different ones living in my garden. Such purpose they had in life and they got to do that with an amazing fuzzy coat. I also remember sneaking them into the house out of the eagle eyes of my Mother. I would bring in twigs, leaves and such and place them in my dresser drawer. I was mind full to leave the drawer open a bit as to give them light and air. There with my underpants and ankle socks lived a variety of fuzzy creatures that brought such joy to me every time I peeked inside and saw them moving around.

Fast foreword to today and I still get such delight when I find one. The other day one had made their way into the shop and onto my work clogs. The moment I saw it and squealed like that little girl of years gone by and had to gently pick it up and place it into my hand. I stood there watching it inch along my skin and giggled with each movement. I hate to say how long I stood watching this sweet little creature but it was like traveling in a time machine back to my childhood with all those feelings of hope and excitement. So I just had to create a yarn that would celebrate that magical creature...

So What Brings YOU Such Childhood Joy???

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