Monday, April 4, 2011

What a Week

Sorry it has been so long but WHAT A WEEK! I won't go on about the saga that has happened here but to say it was a crappy week is saying it mildly.. Updates are: Wynonna has now sucessfully spent a night in the barn with bottles spread out every three hours. It snowed Sunday so I was worried as all get out but I put on all the heat lamps and with three hour bottles I made sure that if she looked the least bit cold it was back into the house. Olivia is doing better on her splint. She is eating, biting me and taking care of Opal. She is biting the tail of Wynonna anytime she gets out of place but is allowing Wynonna to play with Opal which is important to both the babies. I have been struggling with the worst stomach bug I think I ever had - not like me to get something like this but I will consider it a weight loss program and keep up with the Ginger Tea and Soda Crackers. Saturday when the temps reached 82 I put on some shorts (God are my legs neon white) and when I took a step the short fell down around my ankles. Guess I have lost weight since last shorts season. I did get off the farm for the first time since Feb 9th - only because I was out of formula and chicken feed. Found a new feed store that carries my requirements and cheaper then the man I have done business with for 15 years - way lower. Did a Happy Dance about that but not to wild - stomach still a rocking. On the bright side I managed to post some new products on my Etsy shop which where whisked away by some great customers. Have some new overseas customers in France, Russia and Hungry which is exciting. It still amazes me that my goodies are in the hands of talented folks so far away... So today starts a new week and as I always say "At Least I am Standing"

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