Sunday, April 17, 2011

Guilty Pleasure at 2:30 am - Thanks Kids!

Thought I would show you my set up at 2:30 am after feeding all the bottle babies and finds herself wide awake....

You are in my fiber processing room with my newest addition, a portable DVD player that the kids gave me for my birthday.

Here I am sitting on my vintage kitchen stool in front of my Patrick Green Electric Carder running Llama and Silk in stripes with variegated dyed Merino Lambs wool. I have my soft headphones on to hear all the juicy plot lines over the work horse carder. This is a perfect set up and I must admit I worked till 5 am making batts and watching great movies... THANKS again kids... For those who love vintage I have my large carder and picker on top of a 1940's pull out kitchen table. The table is able to handle the weight of the equipment and is the right height to work from. It also will not sway as the picker to swing which is very important. I am surrounded by baskets, boxes, sacks, drawers and shelves of fiber and add In's which means I do not have to go far to create.

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour - I promised a few folks to show them my set up and I will get to taking pictures of it all but here is the snippet of the fiber operation. Well now it is time to make the next round of bottles and to make this gal some breakfast. See what you miss when you sleep.

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