Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Every time I try to take a picture of this wee one she pees!!!

Not sure if she is making a statement to me or if she is camera shy and thinks this gets her out of the snaps???

Babette is Monica first baby and was the one that was so difficult to deliver that I thought we were going to lose both. Born 2/27/11 five minutes after midnight. However, this girl may be quite but she takes not monkey business from the other kids. She also is very kind to Mishka which endears her to me all the more. Her fiber is like angel hair and white as the snow that was so deep the night she was born. Babette is a girly girl and spend most of her time batting her long eyelash's at all the boys. Her special boyfriend is her big white protector Chief but then all the girls love him even thou he is a dog. You will find the two of them most late afternoons taking their nap time curled up together with Babette almost melted into his big soft white fluffy body.. Ever so sweet.

So there is my sweet wee Babette - doing what she does so naturally...

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Jane said...

I have a new line of business for you. You walk around with that camera strapped to your arm and get all these adorable pictures you can. Like Babette snuggled in with Chief or Herschel rubbing heads with his father. Oh how cute those would be. People would love to buy those. What a heart warming snap shot during these not so good times. The babies all are growing up so fast. You are doing a wonderful job!