Monday, June 6, 2011

Smoke Get's in your Eye, Nose, Lungs and....

For days on end our prayers keep going out to those who are in the grip of brutal fires that just do not seem to have an end. The air at the farm is thick with smoke and for the past three days it has hung so low in the air that one would think we are in a fog bank. My animals and I are on alert because you can not tell if is drifting in from faraway places or just up the road. This farm has experienced more then once the evacuations of fires close by and the panic, fear and hard work involved. The animals remember the smell as well - it hangs all around the farm like a heavy blanket giving them not a moment of peace. They pace back and forth with their heads in the air smelling and looking for the flames. They eat quickly and drink like at any moment they are going to have to run for their lives. Even the chickens are on alert - running in and out of the coop in a panic when the wind picks up.

On the news they talk about not being outside if you can help it, limit your work outside, keep informed with weather bulletins sent to your cell phone - REALLY!! How are we to really do any of that??? Then with each breath I take I know someone is maybe having their whole world change forever. I think of all the land that will take years to recover and all those wild animals who will lose their lives, homes, food source and peace of mind as the fires grows with every minute.

Prayers are continuing for everyone who is being touch by this early fire season and please review your evacuation plans even if you are not in any of those areas - you never know what may come your way and with all that Mother Nature has been doing lately we all need to be prepared.


Candy C. said...

Hey Grace, down here in southeastern Arizona we have three fires burning near us. Yesterday afternoon, the smoke was so thick that it looked like twilight! Fortunately, the wind is not as bad today and we don't have as much smoke here. I know what you mean about not going outside, just HOW are we to do that!?!

larkspur funny farm said...

Are you O.K.??? Be careful and watch your lungs - I have friends who are firefighters and they say not to under estimate that smoke.... Be Safe