Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trying not to turn off Customers

For those who really know me - guess what I wanted to call this roving????

Zombie Guts!!! Yep this horror movie lover thought that the moment it was drying strung out on my drying racks around the house. I giggled with excitement but then realized how many customers might not even consider purchasing this with that name.

So being the business person that I am I thought of another way to name this - how about "Mobile Deceased" that sounds more PC, right??? Quick what movie does that come from????

But I guess the universe did not like that name either because while I was finishing the listing on Etsy it just vanished... That is right the computer and universe was trying to tell me that folks might not like that title as well as I did so after screaming a whole bunch of nasty words in the air I went back to typing...

Final name is "Friendly Fern" Doesn't that sounds safe, nice, eco friendly and something that a women of my age should be calling her roving??? I guess I am going to have to go cut my hair, dye it purple - No I want Pink or Coral - I am not a purple person, get some piercings and tattoo's in order to be able to name my products something raw and edgy - you would think with a name like "Larkspur Funny Farm" it should be a given that I am a bit outside the box but sadly NO.

What makes an artist?? The way they look, the title of their work or is it their work? You tell me!!!

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