Monday, June 20, 2011

Sugar Update and Weather Report

Sugar made it through another night but was being a bit naughty... We had the first really good rain last night but as always we never do something half way. I thought we might be considering building an Ark half way through the night. That is not good with my less then stellar woodworking skills. Then we got snow flakes - Yes, it has snowed here this late in the season but truly I was so excited about the rain. Sugar was not because of the cold. The hard rain on the metal roof was deafening but Sugar could not hear it but I on the other hand took another round of Aspirin. This morning Sugar was not wanting to leave the barn which I could not blame him but I had to get all the other water logged animals fed.

The wee one was scared to pieces with the rain on the metal roof and the cold night. Miss Marple without her heavy fleece was not much warmth for the wee one but Chief filled in with his heavy fleece and kept the baby very warm and snug. He sure loves his babies that he is in charge of...

It has been raining on and off - more on then off here at the farm but I am thrilled. The ground was cracking and my pastures have very little left in them so I will gladly dawn my rubber boots on, put on extra layers and wear that stylish duck yellow rain jacket if it means we get some badly needed water.

Sugar is also enjoying the shredded apples and hand chopped herbs each morning which seem to make his tummy feel good and his spirits high. You know he is feeling better when he hogs the blanket on the ground and smiles while he sleeps. I am truly amazed that he is still here but I think your prayers are really helping..

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