Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bumble Bee's

I have three Lilac Bushes here at the farm that normally get killed each year with a late frost. This year we made it through but the winds have whipped the heck out of them.

This morning as I went to give the bottles to the goat babies I noticed that almost all of the tender clusters of flowers where hanging funny. It was just as the sun was rising and I got a bit closer - my eyes could not believe what I was seeing - TONS of HUGE Bumble Bee's just sitting on the flowers. They where not moving, flying around but rather they where just sitting as if they where drunk or sound asleep. I moved back into the house and grabbed the camera and to a couple of pictures. I just could not believe how many there where - on every cluster of flowers there was at least one bee if not more. I bet they where thrilled that they found these because our normal wild flowers have not arrived - lack of moisture and all - so this was I guess a blessing for them.



PenCraft said...

We have seen more of these this year too, although we got a bad late frost and there wasn't so much as glimpse of flower. My husband moved a huge rock with the tractor and under it, in a nest of dog and cat hair, was a bumble bee.

larkspur funny farm said...

Amazing aren't they!