Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cool Crisp Morning on the Farm - Prayers Asked For

This morning was just fantastic !!!

I had all the windows and doors wide open letting in the crisp, cold air through every inch of the house and myself... I sat on the back deck enjoying my breakfast with a sweater on.. A Sweater!! Oh how I love this type of weather.

There was a wet fog in the air and not a bit of smoke - I hope you can tell by the picture that it hung heavy in the air but was very welcome by myself and my sweet one's. It was a stressful night - worried about my oldest son's dog "Storm" age 13 year young who is declining in her health and spirits. My son has had Storm as a loving companion for all these years and now that she has taken a turn I know it is going to be so very hard to lose her. Reese my grandson also loves his "Stormy" - as he says "Dog, bark, bark". Nick still has his big dog Chief who lives with me and his charges the baby goats and mothers. I know it breaks his heart that Chief was left behind but a hard working huge dog does not fit into city life...

I told all the dogs Wednesday after I received the news that Storm (their long time farm friend) is heading down that path that we all must take someday - it is never easy but I know that she has had a wonderful long life and has been loved every second she came to us. It also reminds me that my own sweet Kasha is getting up there and soon will not be here so in this cool morning I took my breakfast out to her and sat and shared my bacon with her.. Tons of snugs later I went back to the house and counted my blessings that I was here for one more day with all those that I love so much.

Please if you will send out a prayer for our sweet Storm - Many Thanks


monica said...

Grace, I will keep Storm in my prayers and you too!:)

larkspur funny farm said...

Thank you so much Monica - Nick is just sick about this and is so upset.