Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Herschel and Hazel

Thought I might show you how quickly my sweet one's grow.

Herschel is the one on the metal drum. He is trying to be taller then the Big Billy Boys who are in the next pasture - one of them is his father. I find Herschel often on the drum rubbing his head on his dad's through the fence and then stomping around making all kinds of noise showing all around that his is a Big Boy!!

The shy girl is his twin sister Hazel. She is never far from Mother or Brother and does not wish to draw too much attention to herself. She does love to head but with some of the girl babies and is often found licking "Chief's" face (that is their protector Great Pry) who eats it up. She is fast as lighting and is often chasing the birds who land in the pasture.

The pair of them are full of energy and zest for life but of coarse for me my fingers always wonder to their incredible fleece. They have such soft handle and if only I was a better camera person you would be able to see the sheen in that fiber. They have cinnamon tones to their creamy vanilla fleece - makes my mouth water and finger ache to grab them up and just drink in that incredible fleece.

Soon they will be weaned and ready to find new homes. Oh the hardest part of what I do...

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