Thursday, June 16, 2011

Starting the Day

Start your day with a bowl full of fibery goodness !

After all the early morning playing this wee one was so tuckered out that even me flashing pictures did not interrupt her peaceful sleep.

I on the other hand have not had such rest. Spent the night with Sugar (my oldest goat boy) who I thought yesterday was on deaths door. He crumbled over several times and so I thought the end was near. I sat with him through most of the night but early this morning at 4:30 he wanted to go out and graze. So I let him and enjoyed watching him slowly and I mean slowly walk through the tall grasses nibbling on the tender blades of Buffalo Grass.

What a morning - to great gifts, joy and sweet four legged friends around me.


Blessed in Colorado said...

Oh Grace what a beautiful baby, I can not believe how soft and cuddly she looks. I have never seen one up close and personal so I can only imagine your feelings.
Thank you do much for sharing her with us.
The sun is shining here in Colorado and it is another beautiful day.
Glad your Sugar is with you this morning and grazing, good thoughts coming your way, that you and all your beautiful animals will have a glorious day.

Jane said...

Adorable! So sad to hear about Sugar. I hope all goes well with him.