Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baby Update

Another sleepless night but OH SO WORTH IT!!!

Mother and Baby had a great night. Every time I came into the barn she was up and playing. Then after a few minutes of full out joy she would run to Mom and nurse like she had not seen a meal for days. Then it was lay down for a few minutes sleeping deep and sound. Then up and the circle continued. I am renewed each time I see her and all the other sweet ones in the barn.

The other Mothers and Babies where not thrilled with all of the interruptions. I said a heartfelt "Sorry" every time I came in but I understand their sleep was not as restful as we all would have liked including my own. I keep the two hour checks through the night because the dogs spent the whole night barking... They saw or heard something that I could not but I trust their judgement. With all this coming and going the bottle kids where confused - they thought a bottle was owned them each time I walked in the door and was greatly disappointed when that was not going to happen. However, I did give them hugs and snugs each time so they loved that and so did I - except my back...

With the lack of sleep I press on because I have a roof quote at 7 am... So as I eat my breakfast, watching "Ghost busters II" on the TV, starting a dye pot and getting a cup of very hot coffee into me I reflect on a PERFECT night watch..

Put on those thinking caps because I will soon be announcing the naming contest for this new addition - keep in mind her Mother is Miss Marple so we will be thinking in those lines..


Candy C. said...

Glad they are doing so good!

Kathleen said...

Congratulations on the birth of your new sweet pea!