Monday, September 24, 2012

BUT MOM - All the guys are doing it

Oh what a difference a week makes around this farm.  My sweet white boys in a matter of an evening have turned into what I like to call - Big Boy Bless.....

This is why not everyone can appreciate what it is to be a MALE in the animal world.  I on the other hand have great love, compassion and understanding that this is all part of the circle and I enjoy watching how this process takes place every year.  I have the older and breeding billies in one pasture and they know that no one is breeding this year and so no peeing on themselves, no fighting and they are just enjoying the cooling weather. 

Then you move over to the three, two and one year old male pasture and it is a hot hormonal mess.  I have to fill their water tubs four times a day because you need enough fluids going in to handle what is going out. Before you say to yourself "Why doesn't she stop filling the tubs - end of problem" just know that this would only cause serious health issues and would not stop the drive within them.   I know it is not a pretty picture and you are lucky there is no smell o vision but this is how they all work it out.  I have to also giggle because I have Sherlock (a proud Daddy of many) and his friend Watson (who has not bred) in that mix because they are teaching the younger guys the ropes.  Here is how it works - The three year old boys show the two year  boys are the plumbing works.  The two year olds then show the yearlings who try it out but they forget their place in the chain and so Watson puts them in their place.  After a whole day and night of this Sherlock walks over to the biggest three year old head butts him, down the three year old goes and then everyone sits down quickly.  Sherlock walks over to the shade and sits down.  Then Watson comes over and rubs Sherlock head and sits next to him.  All the others stand around like they are lost and no matter where they are they sit down.  Simple - balance restored.  Before you think we are done with this dance someone  losses their mind again to hormones and the dance starts up again.  This will be the routine here at the farm and it can at times get a bit out of hand.  That is when I go out and turn the hose on them and shake my finger at them and tell them to knock it off.  Yep, that lasts a couple of hours but what do you expect from a bunch of males?

So if you come by the farm at this time of the year you will get an ear and nose full but you will also see the proud behavior of some of the most incredible boys around.  I truly love this time of year.

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