Saturday, September 22, 2012

Where did I put my Cape??

Last night as I was wishing that I could get two hours of sleep.  I ran through my head the long list of heavy work I had sitting on my list.  I know this does not help in getting the mind off to dreamland but my Monkey Mind never seems to take a break.  I watched the pilot of LOST wishing to be transported to a make believe land instead I only reviewed what skills I might bring to the table if lost of an island.  Trust me I would be one cranky gal because of the weather but not because of a smoke monster and "Other's" trying to kill me at every turn.

I tried to find a comfortable place but every inch of my body was not settling down.  So I got up and puttered around.  Fast forward to 5 am and I was back in bed laying on my right side praying for a tiny bit of rest.  Just then a horrible pop was heard.  Yep, that shoulder again popped.  After letting out a yelp I put my arm over my head and it popped back into place.  Yuck and Ouch!!!

That was it - Up and Onward with my day.  You might think it would be a light day of small projects after this gut churning should event but no such luck.  I have a truck bed full of 100 pound compressed hay that needs to be unloaded and stacked in the barns, 200 pounds of dog food to be wrangled to their rightful places and then there is the barn cleaning, trash moving and hauling of pine needles.  I am dragging my feet just a bit to have the air outside clear from the fires up North (Please keep them all in your prayers it is way too dangerous out there) and I have been looking in ever corner to find my CAPE...  How is this gal to leap tall stacks and to do all the clean jerks with something that almost weights as much as this super hero???  I hate when I misplace my cape.... I thought I had placed it on the coat hook last time I came in but who knows where I put it after the long day I had last Sunday.

So after I finish typing this posting it is outside with or without my cape.  That truck is not going to unload itself not matter how much I wish it to be so.  I will be back later with the heating pad and a few things checked off the list..

What is on your list today???  Did you need your super powers and if so what are they?? 


Fearless Farmgirl said...

You know so many times when I'm looking for something I find it in the most obvious place like looking for my glasses when they are on my head. Sounds to me like you are already wearing your cape. :-).

larkspur funny farm said...

I am glad to know that I am not the only one who tears the house apart looking for what is on her head. I thought it was just me...