Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lucky 13

What a morning - I guess I would say a typical morning for this place.  Honest folks I could not make this stuff up.

As I drug this tired body out to start the morning I saw a hen outside the coop making all sorts of noise and running back and forth in front of the locked doors.  As I approached she got louder and louder and ran to me as if her butt was on fire.  First, her butt could not be on fire because she has no tail feathers.  Second. the closer I came I could not believe my eyes.  It was one of the hens that has been Lost presumed dead for months now.  I thought NO this can't be!

As I reached the door and opened it up I immediately did my counting thing - 12 in the coop and one outside.  Now even this math challenged gal can figure this total..  As I went inside and put down the feed they all ran to the dishes and I counted once more.  Yep 12 inside 1 outside. - That makes 13

Now the girls inside did not want the one outside in their coop so they chased her out each time she came in to eat.  So I brought out a dish and stood while she ate.  I admit it I recounted again just to make sure.  The billies looked at me as if to say "MOM, stop counting there is 13"

I followed her around to see if she had been sitting on a nest of eggs or something.  I even crawled on the ground under the coop with a flash light to see if she had a group of chicks - nothing..

As I went about the day I did check on her and Yes, I Did Count.  When I went to lock the girls in for the night and did my counting...  You won't believe this - as they sat on their roost I count 12 !!!  I did it four more times and just then I saw out of the corner of my eye that lucky 13 running across the grass.  Running like her butt was on fire again she was heading up to the goat girls barn.  No Idea What that is all about but we will see if she returns to the coop in the morning.  Now you understand why I am a counter - the numbers just never seem to add up....

Nightie Night... Let's count 1, 2, 3, 4, no more counting for this gal tonight... Wonder how many I will have in the morning?

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