Friday, September 14, 2012

What Mud ?

 While the billies and I had been in the Forest enjoying the rain we had Wednesday guess what Sophia was doing???   Yep, Great Pry's love to dig, love to play in the rain and LOVE combining
 the two.
As I came out from behind some tall Scrub Oak I called her name and this was her face she gave me. You would not guess that before this snap she was is hog heaven...  Rolling, Digging and Jumping 
Don't worry that beauty will be white again very soon - one thing about Pry's their coats are almost like Teflon - dry, shake and presto change O - white dog again.


Nonita1992 said...

omg she is so cute!!....and i absolutley love your blog posts!!!
<3 nonita

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks Nonita - She is such a hard working gal I never mind the holes she digs, the mess she makes and even when she runs and knocks me over - she is a wiggle giggle. Thanks for reading and love the comments.