Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shout out to Yarny Thingys

I love being able to share with my blog readers all the talented folks out there that create with the products I produce here at Larkspur Funny Farm.  I am blow away by their skills and kind souls.  One such person I work with and Susan from Yarny Thingys who is an angel to this farm.  Susan has been with me for awhile and her appreciation of the yarn I create has thrilled me to no end.

Please visit and see what precious Photo Props and Wee One Goodies this lovely lady creates.  Susan just purchased a large selection of my yarns and so I am sure they will turn up in the near future in her shop as love filled items for the Wee One's in your life.

Thanks again Susan for your business, support and kindness. By the way I did not mess up the typing of her shop name it is Yarny Thingys...

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