Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shout out to Lemon Lane Organics

As you all know I am not much of a computer gal and I wished I understood how to do certain things or had someone to fill in the gaps.  I have been trying for sometime to share the talented folks who use what I create in their incredible projects.  I have been working on how in the heck to capture your shop information and carry it over to this blog but I admit I have failed more times then I can count.  So since I can not seem to do it like everyone else I hope you will still take the time to find them and visit their amazing shops and purchase what they have lovingly created with their two hands.

First up is Kiel Lemon of Lemon Lane Organics which is a sweet shop of hand crocheted baby items and much more.  You can get to her shop through  If you would like to see what she created with her newest yarn purchase of mine it is

Again, sorry I do not know how to do the picture capture thing but PLEASE check her out.  I am sure you will find something for those little one's in your life.  Thanks Kiel for your business and support of my farm and those four legged furry family members who live here.  Blessings

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