Friday, September 14, 2012

Mom's Got The Camera - RUN

Back up!!    Honestly Cash would you back up!!       CASH STOP IT!!!        I GIVE UP.........

Folks ask me all the time why I don't post more pictures of the animals.  Well, it is like this, the moment I come out any door on the place I have 90 pair of eyes watching my every move.  The second they can get running towards me it is a free for all.  Now don't get me wrong I love the attention but it makes it almost impossible to get a picture that does not have the animals nose in the lens. 

This handsome guy is Johnny Cash or Cash for short.  He is a Cashmere who blows out a soft silver taupe down and is a big guy.  He loves to go for walks, camping and keeps the yearling boys in check.  He is getting a tiny bit of gray around his nose but what a soft nose it is.  He loves to give my kisses on the cheek and almost climbs out of his skin when I scratch his back. 

So now you can understand why picture taking at this farm can take hours upon hours - I just have very loving animals...

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