Monday, September 24, 2012

You Know What I Like

No matter what time of year it is Sherlock loves our quality time together.  Notice he is not covered with pee on his face - no need - he is smart enough to know that there will be no breeding for him this year.  He is not the least bit upset because he knows I LOVE him and give him as much quality time as I can spare...  I have to be careful during this time of year that I do not get into a MALE WAR over my affections - sounds strange but have you ever stood in the center of 20 billies with horns and they are all wanting to be Mother Favorite???  It can be dangerous but with years of knowing the way they think I can work with them and still be safe.  Sherlock demands and gets full attention first at all times.  Beside how could you resist that amazing and sweet face - I know I sure can't..

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