Monday, September 10, 2012

A Different Kind of Dinner Party

For this fiber gal this is the best use of my kitchen.  Recently food has not been on my mind but rather creating some food for my soul.  During the last few nights when sleep and I are not on the same page I needed to stay out of my head and find my heart to listen too instead..  So into the fiber prep room I went and sat in front of the carding machine.  Before I knew it I had over a dozen batts done and more waiting in my swirling mind.  I just started placing them on the kitchen counter and before I knew it I ran out of room.  Now as you might see the kitchen table is full of roving, yarns and bits and bops that I am in the middle of spinning.  So no room there.  I would put some on the china cabinet but that has finished yarn that needs to be labeled, pictures taken and then priced.  So I started walking to the living room - Oh wait - can't do that because I have drying racks everywhere with silk cocoons, silk rods and fiber that I dyed laying in there.  So I guess I have been busy at night after getting in from all the outside work. This is truly food for this gal's soul...

I am so glad that no one is waiting on dinner or something because it looks like a long wait.  I hope to get these amazing new batts up on my Etsy Shop in the next day or two.  I am struggling with the picture thing again.   Does anyone have a shop that would wish to carry my batts and yarns and save me from this pictures madness???? 

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