Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crashing Waves - Answers to being Lost

I thought I would share another way in which I dyed "LFF Avery's" lockets. I was so amazed as the different blues came crashing out of the dye pot - it is always magical to me...

I guess I have been watching "Lost" too much this week - wait there is no such thing as TO MUCH! I was re watching Season Four and got caught up in the crashing waves as they tried to get back to the (Not Pennies) freighter and a storm rocked all around them as Frank struggled to land them safely as Desmond's flash's forewords and backwards in time. Doesn't your life feel like sometimes???

What are we doing here? Who are you people? When are we? All great questions and you can find the answers deep inside the blues of the lockets. Good Luck and hope you will no longer be LOST!!

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