Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunrise at the Farm

I am not always the best at taking pictures around the farm but I sure can translate what I see into my fibers and yarns.

Sunrises around the farm just take my breath away. Each day they look so different and send me on my way with such gratitude. To be able to see such wonder when others might never have the chance. I give thanks for the eyes to see it with, the mind to appreciate the complex combination of colors and the joy of being here one more day.

So I just had to find a way to put that into fiber. I have taken the tuffs of silk fibers that I peel off the silk cocoons that I sell whole. Once I have enough of those tuffs I gently placed them into a steam bath filled with Sunrise colors. Once the silk is dry I tease open the fibers just a bit. I have not taken my picker, cards or combs to the fiber that way you will have complete control over how to use it. I am offering one half ounce packets through my Etsy shop and hope you will try my interruption of "Sunrise at the Funny Farm".


monica said...

They are mine now!!!! Yippee!!!!

larkspur funny farm said...

Yours, all yours and I am so happy it is going to you.... YIPPEE!!!