Sunday, September 5, 2010

Typing in the Dark

Well, the computer has decided to do it again. The monitor is black but I thought why let this get me down. For those of us who are old enough, you might remember when we took typing classes and the teacher either turned off the lights or put a blindfold over our eyes. I guess now that might get you fired for somehow hurting their delicate senses of today's teenagers. Anyway, I was very good at that and so I thought why not try it here.

Never fails - when I am up to my ears life throws me something interesting. It was very interesting pulling orders this morning. I would push the monitor button and I would have 3 seconds before the screen went dark. Sure makes you work those gray cells. The really hard part was when I had to do the invoice for an order that was going to Cyprus.. No words I knew so that took some time and a ton of button pushing. I got them done and ready to go out - YAH!!!

Now, I am just trying to get things done without losoing my sense of humor. I think it is also interesting the one person (ME) who does not have any techno things but this computer for business seems to get all the really interesting problems. So this week I will wrap up all the computer parts, monitor, printer (Yes, it has issues to) and drive into town and hope that it is something really easy to fix and not cost me much to put this computer back into working order.

So everyone if you would - say a prayer for my computer. If you get a chance try typing without your monitor - really makes you work those gray cells.


jane said...

25 years ago there where no computers and life went on. How I miss those days before cell phones too. I use both, but only because you have to. Now you are crippled without a computer. What happened to human contact?

larkspur funny farm said...

Jane I am so with you. I still do not have a cell phone, dish tv (I had to purchase a converter box)High speed - I have dial up, and I still write hand letters... We have lost so much with these so called high tech advancements - I am with you I try to stay far away from them..

Have a great day Jane.