Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Makes you want to Shout - "Out Loud"

This Bold Batt will make you want to Shout and put your Hands Up! I could not believe how great this offering turned out. While I was carding these fibers together I had no idea what the final batt would look like but OMG - it will make you want to SHOUT!!!

If you love purple this is the batt for you. British Wensleydale Wool from a sweet little ewe lamb is the base of the bold purple. Then I took Lff Sugar's fiber (17 year old Mohair weather male of mine) and dyed it a softer purple/blue. He may not have tight locks but his softness has never changed. Then came the Angora Bunny from my sweet little LFF Lucy which was dyed a bold deep pink and finishing up the line up is a final different purple in Bombyx Silk. I KNOW - Incredible!! The picture just do not do it justice but trust me when I say if you love Purple these are the batts for you.

How many out there love purple??

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