Monday, September 6, 2010

Hansel in Yarn - Lichen Green

When I received back my Mohair Yarn from the mill I was thrilled to say the least!
Hansel donated his fiber for this yarn and all of his fantastic attributes remained in the yarn form. His sheen, easy of handle and softness is all there and the dyeing process did not take any of that away. I must say I crossed my fingers when placing this yarn into the dye pot because getting this shade of lichen green does not always turn out but it sure did this time.

You will enjoy what Hansel produces and there is plenty for that great project. I have two other colors of his yarn to be posted very soon so keep any eye out. This is a winner...

1 comment:

monica said...

I think you ought to hang onto these for me till I have the $$!! Just kidding, but Oh my gosh they are exactly my green! I would get all of them! I will just have to hope nobody else gets them before me!